We are Avellanuss

As farmers producing high-quality hazelnuts, we have taken a step forward to sell our produce to companies that use it as raw material. We produce different varieties and calibres of hazelnuts to meet demand on the market and cater for the different uses of these nuts.

Avellanuss offers nuts straight from our trees, cutting out the middleman, protecting our crops, protecting the quality of our produce and protecting the countryside we farm.

We are farmers and we live and work in our natural setting, producing hazelnuts of the highest quality.

Our crops

We use integrated farming techniques to grow our hazelnuts.

A way of growing food that makes maximum use of natural resources and management methods to assure viable, sustainable agriculture in the long term. In this system organic methods, farming techniques and chemical processes are carefully chosen to strike a balance between the environment, profitability and the demands of society.

Integrated farming techniques

The Mediterranean climate

Our members' holdings are in the Camp de Tarragona, the plain between the Mediterranean sea and the Prades mountains.

The temperate Mediterranean climate allows high yields of hazelnuts on both dry and irrigated land.

The Mediterranean climate is characterised by cool, wet winters and temperate to hot, dry summers, with variable weather in terms of temperature and rainfall in spring and autumn.

This climate helps us to produce hazelnuts of excellent quality.

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